We've Got A Bleeder

a lament for the star-crossed sun
here and gone
like vapors on the sanguine dunes
It seems so serene
the way words roll from the siren's tongue
Auroras oscillate
as she pulls me from the waves

The thoroughfares are gone
pined away with dust
Dismantled as we sleep
in the languid grip of transience
I never saw them leave
addled by the haze
intertwined with ivy in this derelict place

This lack of atmosphere
is not conducive to our reverie
There must be some way out of here
Where cloud thirteen's above
a world aside from theirs
No pills in plastic cups
No straps upon the beds

Where would you be now?
Through lamp-lit halls as we drink alone
on endless moon-bathed hills
like tomorrow may not ever come.
We're circling the drain, and it's time to let it go
So set your head back down and watch the stars explode.

The day she stopped
humming in the barley field
The outdoors made no sound
Not a single drop
and the lights have all died down
The ether's closer now

Make it stop
The more I try to get to you, the less you are
Just take me somewhere dark
Horizons here are terminal... so shut it off

Above the waves
Polaris shining in her eyes
They glow as the smoke-stream fades
Too far gone
Now these corridors bemoan their void
and echo this funeral song