Destroy The Urn


Growing, steady reach the sun
A place between the marshes and the brilliance up above
Knowing, the day will surely come
the miseries that bound you will be broken and undone

To luminate the path, distorted by the glass

Always, your voice among the breeze
elusive amber lights that disappear among the trees
So far, return to feed the sand
a form within the starlight, can you bring it back again

The agony subsides, I shouldn't be alive


I bear the mark of fate
invoke the apparition
and plunge into the sea
to seek the Serpent's wisdom

The seabirds call your name
beneath this full moon waiting
Keeper of the blade
and sworn to never leave you

So with a heavy heart
I am entrusted to this
Commit it to the earth 
and spill your ashes to it

With one last kiss goodbye
and clench the branches so tight
Cast into the wind
the firm embrace of high tide