Passage Of Gaia

Progressive atmospheric doom juggernauts Arctic Sleep return with their sixth full-length album, 2014's "Passage Of Gaia." Returning to their roots as a two-man band with a gigantic sound, multi-instrumentalist Keith D and guitarist Mike Gussis once again steal you away from reality and plunge headlong into 54 minutes of pure sonic power, beauty and imagination. 

This follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2012 album "Arbors" expands on the band's unique musical recipes with their most complex & exciting material yet.
released 21 August 2014 

Recorded, mixed and mastered in June 2014 by Joel Wanasek. 
Produced by Joel Wanasek and Keith D. 
Cover art by Jennifer Weiler. 
Graphic design help by Craig Cirinelli of HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS design. 

KEITH D - vocals, drums, bass, cello, djembe, keyboards, guitar, e-bow 
MIKE GUSSIS - guitars 

Additional backing vocals by Emily Jancetic. 

All songs by Mike Gussis & Keith D... Except "The Staircase" written by Keith D.