Passage Of Gaia - Out Now!

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Everyone, I have some very bad news.  I am forced to cancel all of our 2015 East Coast tour dates.  

I just blew out my knee, and the MRI shows a re-injury of my torn ACL (which I sustained years ago in the moshpit at an Alestorm show) and also a new tear injury in the meniscus of my knee.  Right now, I can only get around on crutches and it is extremely painful.  I was fully prepared to play these shows for you sitting in a wheelchair (nothing stops me!), but I have... Read More

Passage of Gaia Release Show writeup in Milwaukee Record

Matt Wild over at the Milwaukee Record was kind enough to add our LP release show to their calendar. 

Check out their album review for Passage of Gaia while you're there!

"Opener “The Staircase” sets the scene with a deliberate pace, a slowly unfurling melody, and a spot-on male-female vocal harmony hook. It’s cinematic in the... Read More


We've got a new record, a new lineup, and now a new website.